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Applied Kingdom Culture 101

Biblical Studies I Certificate

Discover the incredible power of love and how it releases all the keys of The Kingdom

Book 1: Loved

Love Personified


In John 14 Jesus said that we would do even greater things than he did. How is that possible and why aren't we seeing signs and wonders in our lives today?


Love Personified is the first book in a seven-part series that walks you through the foundations of our faith according to the Gospel of the Kingdom. 


In Love Personified, you'll be challenged with new insights that define the power of God's love for healing, deliverance, and transformation. Most importantly, you'll develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ that results in the miraculous manifestation of his love, at work, through you.

Convenient online classes turn your devotions into a customized Bible College that fits your lifestyle and needs.


  • Take one class or the whole track to earn your certification

  • Take classes at your convenience 

  • Listen to inspirational lessons while you commute

  • Host a hybrid Bible-study in your home, church or with a girlfriend over coffee!

This course includes 7 lessons:


  • Intro to Love

  • Beyond Salvation

  • The Battle Against God's Love

  • In Search for a Father

  • In Pursuit of Love

  • One with Love

  • Application Project

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Digital $69

With Books $89

Discover the incredible power of love and how it releases all the keys of The Kingdom


This course includes 7 lessons:


  • Find unconditional love

  • Unlock the miraculous power of Heaven

  • Convenient and Affordable

Transformation Year

Complete the one-year Bible Track and transform your life while earning your Biblical Studies I Certification.

Applied Kingdom Culture 101

Biblical Studies I Certificate 

AKA Project - 7

The gospel of the Kingdom brings freedom in every area of your life, but more importantly, it introduces you to the King himself. In this series, you'll discover God's incredible love for you; a love so intimate and deep that you cannot remain the same once you've experienced it. We'll walk through seven aspects of your salvation that Jesus redeemed for you through his life, death, and resurrection. We call this journey The Transformation Year.

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