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Mission & Purpose

Welcome to Champions College.  We are a Christian Community College offering online, hybrid, and intensive courses. Our signature difference is we prepare our students for whole-life success through our unique 3-in-1 format. Each focus track can be taken independently from the others or as a whole. Whether you are still in high school, starting college for the first time, or returning as an adult learner, Champions provides a mentorship model to help you succeed in all areas of your life.


We are all about dreams. So, just like you, we are also daring to pursue a God-Sized dream that includes you. For decades we have believed there is a better way to do college. Our goal is to equip the body of Christ, online, or through hybrid classes hosted in churches, homes, schools, coffee shops… wherever believers meet… so everyone can have a quality, affordable, Christian education. Unlike a traditional college, our programs are for life transformation first. We combine this with ministry and mentorship for whole-life success.


As you learn more about Champions, we hope you will feel a sense of belonging before you even take your first class. If you have any questions, please give us a call.


On behalf of the entire Champions family,


Deanna Rhinehart

Founder and President

501c3 Educational Institute

Champions College is a 501c3 religious, non-profit, alternative school.


Champions College is committed to providing quality, affordable education and have chosen to reach these goals for our students by withdrawing from the accreditation process. We felt many of the requirements were counter to the needs and educational goals of our students and our institution. Although Champions College is not required to be accredited for our innovative programs, we strive to reach and exceed every benchmark of superior education and impose self-evaluation for compliance of proficiency and competency standards. 

Disclosure Statement

I understand Champions College is a private, non-profit, religious proprietary school. I also understand that the State Board of Education has not accredited or endorsed any course of study being offered by Champions College, and that these courses may not be accepted for transfer into any Idaho public postsecondary institution. I also acknowledge that I am taking these courses for the purpose of personal enrichment and life prep.




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