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Defining Women...
Define Their World

Cultural reformation begins with you.


take back your life





A women's mentorship program that merges Scripture, life coaching, and counseling tools to heal the wounded spirit and restore each aspect of your life, home, heart, and finances.



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Be Mentored then
Be a Mentor


Be Mentored
This might sound corny but I'd love to be your friend and that "other mother" you can count on to be your cheerleader, provide a safe place to be real, learn how to be a mom, ask questions, and help you turn fails into epic wins. I'll mentor you as a Defining Woman and walk with you, step-by-step, as you take back your life to transform it into your "happy ever after".

Be a Mentor

As your life transforms I'll show you how to become a mentor for other mothers, host a Mom-E-School, or build your women's ministry. It's time for moms to take our place as the Defining Women God created us to be. You can even make a career out of mentoring and get paid for being a mom! I'll show you how.

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more than a ministry, more than education, more than a job

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