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Our 7 Mountain Story

A Blazing Fire with No Source

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Champions College and its students carry a unique "7-Mountain Mandate" that was received through a series of mind-blowing supernatural encounters —many years before I had ever heard the phrase or knew anyone else had been given a similar revelation. You can imagine my surprise and the confirmation when I started hearing heroes of modern faith who had been given almost identical instructions. Of these were Bill Bright who founded Campus Crusade for Christ, Loren Cunningham who founded YWAM, and Francis Chaffer who established L'Bri campuses.  

Since then there have been many others who have heard of the 7 mountains and received additional revelation of their own. Two of them are Lance Wallnau and Johnny Enlow whose revelation is so deep-seated in them, it shimmers through every message, regardless of the topic. There's a subtle difference in authority between those who received their piece by the hand of God and those who echo the prophets. It's all good, but there is a difference.


I've pondered why God also gave it to me in these magnificent demonstrations of himself.  I am unknown, a "least of these," and the most unlikely candidate. No one knew I existed and when I shared one of these encounters with my board, half resigned each time until no one was left. I had the same experience with my friends and at church. You have to keep in mind this was before the days of the Bethel churches and Todd Whites, so these encounters were absolutely foreign. Had I not been there I don't know if I would have believed them either. 


So many churches and ministries put so much focus on the spiritual that they miss the triune needs of the body, mind, and spirit that work in tandem in real life. If one is off, they're all off. As a result, we have 50-year-old babies sitting in our churches who are engorged by religion yet they are emaciated and detached from the cultural pillars that create the lives they live. Likewise, we have highly successful people who rule at the highest levels of these cultural arenas whose hearts and careers reflect their spiritual void. All the while, we're losing our humanity and relinquishing the nations to the anti-Christ spirit. If the church is supposed to be the answer, we're failing with a capital F.

I believe the key lies in the 7 Mountains revelation, but there's much more to the 7 Mountain story than what's currently known or understood and I think these missing pieces are required to take back the mountains and keep them.





This man accidentally dialed it instead of a 1-900 number (the prefix for inappropriate phone calls). Can you imagine his shock when I told him something like this. "Don't be embarrassed. God had me sitting here waiting for your call" Hahaha. God is so funny!


I went on to tell him, "You might have dialed the wrong number, but this is the exact number God wanted you to reach and he had me wait up all night to tell you how much he loves you and wants to free you from this and remove your shame. Would you like to know Jesus?" That night a captive man met the love of Christ and was set free.

... and yet, my spirit was not quenched so I returned to the couch in the dark. This time I heard that wonderful still small voice saying, "Thank you, Deanna. Thank you for sitting on the couch out of sheer obedience. I needed somewhere to send him."

Even with that, my soul was not released, so I continued to sit there, in the dark. Starting to nod off I told the Lord I was sorry I couldn't stay awake any longer and to please come to me in a dream so I wouldn't miss anything. I left the room and found my way to the stairs in the dark. Our home had a two-story front room with the stairs going up to a sky bridge. I was halfway up the stairs when light filled the front room below. I could see it dancing up the walls and on the ceiling and hear the roar of a raging fire. I instantly began to shake almost uncontrollably as I made my way to the top of the stairs and looked over the rail. The fireplace was filled with a raging blaze. It looked like a blow torch against the glass. 

My heart raced. I could hardly stand I was shaking so badly from the inside out. My legs were literally weak and I thought to myself, surely I am standing in the glory of God.


I held tightly to the handrail as I slowly walked back down the stairs feeling that weight that comes over you in those rare and special times. The fire was burning with such ferocity I feared it would shatter the glass. I carefully went over to see what was burning. The box was empty. No wood remnants. No heat was coming from it. There were no coals. Nothing but a dusting of ash on the bottom. The fire was burning from no source. It was just there, burning in the air. It filled the entire firebox but had no source of fuel.




Since then there have been many others who have heard of the 7 mountains and received additional revelation of their own. Two of them are Lance Wallnau and Johnny Enlow whose revelation is so deep-seated in them, it shimmers through every message, regardless of the topic. There's a subtle difference in authority between those who received their piece by the hand of God and those who echo the prophets. It's all good, but there is a difference.

The night had started like most nights but I had a strong urgency to press into prayer. I could feel God wanted to share something with me so I read the word, prayer walked, turned on Christian television in hopes something would jump out at me. There was nothing. I prayed again, prayed and worshipped some more... still nothing but the impression to press in harder remained. The fire in the fireplace had burned out much earlier, so I sat on the couch all by myself, in the dark for hours, making myself stay awake and attentive trying to hear with my spiritual ears... still nothing.

Then the phone rang in the wee hours of the morning! I knew that was it. I knew that's what I was waiting for. I ran to the phone and picked it up to hear a very embarrassed, apologetic man's voice on the other end. My school had a 1-800 number.

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God had my full attention. He did not speak an audible voice, but he was crystal clear in my spirit. God told me that the whole night was a test to see if I would wait on the couch for his instructions and do only what he told me to do. He asked me if I would sit on the couch (symbolicly) for as long as it would take to do something very important for him. Of course my answer was yes, but I had no idea this journey would last 40+ years and require 100+ hours a week working almost non-stop while the days turned into years and years into decades. I started to feel like Mother Noah. The price to be paid would be everything. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to give up. God knew I would need an encounter 

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God wanted minds to be literally transformed to think and function as the mind of Christ. He wanted the spirit, mind, and brain connection to be healed for innovative thinking and exponential problem-solving powered by the visionary leading of the Holy Spirit.


Our 7 Mountain Mandate is to heal the seven mountains within us first, so that the seven pillars of culture function out of the overflow of God's spirit within us. 

As incredible as that encounter was, it was only the first of many, each reflecting it's own unique expression of God, but each just as undeniable and supernatural, each with a new layer of revelation or instructions. After an  

entire lifetime I have still barely scratched the surface. The 7 Mountains may seem simple at first, but they contain the same kind of obscure complexity as the wheels within the wheels that Ezekiel saw.


There are 7 Mountains or pillars of culture, that are the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on the earth, as they are in Heaven. They invoke 7 aspects of our salvation, and 7 essentials elements that reflect our identity and purpose in Christ that are required to feel happy, and emotionally healthy. Against each of these essential building blocks are 7 specific strongholds and demonic kings that you must overcome to take back and occupy that mountain, first within you, then in your home, and then as an overflow in society. All 7 mountains are within each of us to make us whole. Likewise, all of the 7 mountains must be restored within each of the 7 mountains for it to operate according to the kingdom. For example, healthy, happy families have their finances in order (business), strong relationships (family), spiritual roots (church), family rules (government). They raise their children in the word, to grow in wisdom, stature and favor (education). They are filled with worship, thanksgiving and praise perfecting their craftsmanship and artistry to present before kings (arts). They use Godly wisdom to apply technology to increase knowledge and restraint to guard their gates from ungodly influences  (science). All seven mountains must be in order in the Family Mountain to take it back and sustain it. The same is required within each of the other mountains. 


The 7's go on and on. I think the seven mountains reveal a 7-fold organizational flow chart of the Kingdom of God in us and on the earth. 

like a "burning bush" so I could not rationalize it away (I'm good at that). Without that night, I could not have continued pursuing this impossible task, all these years with no reward, no paychecks, and more ugly giants than you could possibly imagine. It wasn't just facing the impossible against every stronghold these 7 Mountains represented, it was the double whammy of doing it alone and feeling invisible. God assured me every morning at 4:00 AM when he woke me with that day's instructions that I could do this.

... back to the blaze without a source...


Kneeling in the presence of a mighty God that night was like nothing I've experienced before or since. He just hovered in that place and held my heart. All the while the fire blazed on without waning. He shared a while longer some very dear promises and when he was done the fire instantly switched off! Just like that.

I walked over to the fireplace. It was still cold to the touch. I opened it to see if I could figure out where the fire came from. The box remained empty with just that dusting of ashes. I stirred them to see if there might have been undetected coals. Nothing. I reached down to feel for heat. Nothing. I ran my fingers through those few ashes. Nothing. 

I shook all the way up the stairs to crawl into bed knowing that I had just sat in the manifest presence of God.


This began a journey of revelation and a series of equally impressive God encounters. I was shown seven mountain peaks and told they represented aspects of our lives and culture. God asked me if I'd start a college based on those arenas and instruct our students on how to take them back. It was to be a new kind of college, not a duplication of the broken systems, but an entirely new education system for all ages through all seasons of our lives for the purpose of taking back these 7 arenas, first in us, then in culture. These revelations expanded far beyond my knowledge with new methodologies, neurosciences, technologies, curricula, tools, resources, and businesses that did not exist yet. God told me to make video blogs back in the days of DOS! Youtube did not exist... oh, and neither did Facebook or Google, Internet, blackberry cell phones, or most of the computer programs we take for granted. I kept seeing interactive classes you could take on the computer, but at that time that was unheard of and no software could deliver it! I can't go into detail here but some of the college options students enjoy today I introduced to our regions accrediting "Gods". God was showing me terms and sciences that were not in the textbooks or on the market for another 15-20 years... many, still are not. But this is not what God was after, these were just nuts and bolts that would be needed for the real project. 



Perhaps the pieces God gave me reflect a different aspect of the same story. Maybe the reason we have not been able to take back those mountains in culture is that we've been focused on their summits instead of traversing the foothills of our own lives. The home is the seat of culture and civilization from which all the other aspects overflow and since moms are the primary teachers and nurturers within the home, they are the key to turning this ship around. How mom goes the home goes. How the home goes, culture goes. And how culture goes, the nation goes. Until the heart of moms are healed and she takes back her life and home, the next generation flounders. The cycle is broken and the following generations suffer increasingly more until the cycles are broken and the mountains restored.

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The assault is so obvious. Satan hates the woman's seed because it's the woman's seed that crushes him. When mom takes her mountains she teaches her children how to take theirs and the devil loses his power on the earth. If he can take out mom and break God's design for blessing and protecting the home, he gains power on the earth. Don't get me wrong. Dad's are not off the hook. Everyone needs to take their mountains and when Dad does not, the weight falls on mom, but moms are the ones who nurture the children so we must keep moms strong in the event dads are not.

The mission of Champions College is cultural reformation through personal transformation of every generation. We train people in the practical real-life skills of taking back all of the mountains in their life regardless of their age. Then we teach and equip them, to go and make disciples by mentoring others to do the same.