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Homeschool Homestead

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A Children's Music  Conservatory on a Homeschool Homestead!?

We're bringing our expert skills to the farm! As forerunners in ESE for campus culture and family life development, we're combining leadership, character, the arts, and STEM, into a dynamic, camp-style, School of Ministry for children and youth. Homeschool and after-school programs include:


  • Children's Theater

  • Children's Show Choir

  • Private Lessons

  • School of Ministry

  • MOMS (meets during classes)

  • STEM (guest engineers)

  • Homestead Projects

  • Workshops & Events

  • Opt. Family Firesides for building community


Kids in Ministry!

Children's Musical 
Adventure Theater! 

Are you looking for a place where your child can develop their gifts, make friends, and learn to share kindness? If your answer is "YES", then Championeers! at The Homeschool Homestead is for you!


In this unit, your child will help Farmer Blue Jeans and his quirky, but endearing, animal family, save their farm. Weekly adventures teach your children how to problem-solve through fun and wacky STEAM experiments as they learn character-building songs about the value of family, and the power of a seed!


Championeers! is offered with the "Dirt" Lego Lab, MOMS Group, and tons of Farm Fun!!! Choose either class or take the whole block. Concludes with a community outreach performance.

Ages: 6 -1

Friday: Championeers & The Inventors School 10-12
Monthly Tuition: $50 per month


* 5/6-year-old placement interview 

** Tuition is shown with scholarships. Additional assistance is available


Youth in Ministry


Fearless is a School of Ministry for middle and high school students. They meet one day (or evening) a week to unite through authentic relationships, shared purpose, the pursuit of the father's heart, identity in Christ, and the nurturing of their gifts. Students serve on ministry teams in worship, tech, event planning, and theater for local and global impact.


Ages: 12+

Opt. #1: Friday 10:00-2:00 + Events
Opt. #2: Friday 7:00-9:00 + Events        

Friday Farmdays

Traditional Homestead Fun!

Join us for the Homeschool Homestead Series. Each month we'll choose a special homestead project for you and your children to learn preservation, farming, and traditional skills!


Don't miss out. Join the mailing list for upcoming classes, schedules, workshops, and events.

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Option #1

Kids in Ministry: K-5

  • 1 Morning a Week

  • STEM, Arts, Electives

  • Children's ESE Choir

  • Family Night Connections

  • MOMS Group

  • Farm Time Fun

Option #2
Youth in Ministry: MS/HS

  • Once a Week + Events

  • Local & Global Impact Ministries

  • Build Friendships & Faith

  • Lead Valley-Wide Youth Events

  • Bible, Life & Leadership Classes

  • Opt. Musical Theater

Option #3

Events & Classes

  • Homestead Workshops

  • Homeschool Workshops

  • Children's Theater Events

  • Valley Youth Rallies

  • Defending the Home Series

  • Moms & Daughters
    - Essence of Beauty

Option #4

Homeschool Newbies

Homeschooling Made Easy: Expert Consulting for New Moms on Nurturing Your Child's Education at Home:

  • Getting Started

  • Curriculum & Grades

  • Discipline & Motivation

  • Personalized Support

FRIDAY FUNDAY  -  DEC 15 | 6:30-7:30

A Country Christmas!

Join us at The Homestead for a country Christmas featuring our Children's Championeers! Choir.

Date: Friday, December 15

Time: 6:30

Waiting Room

Thursday: Electives


More Day Classes TBA

Friday: School of Ministry

Kids in Ministry: Championeers!
& Inventors School  10-12


Fearless by Day Team 10-2
Fearless by Night Team 6-9

Friday Fundays

Once a month. Watch newsletter for details.


Join the Journey!

Join The Homestead community where families unite to raise world changers!

  • Limited Enrollment

  • Parent Partner Scholarships

  • Work-Study Scholarships

  • Tuition Waivers for Ministry Donors 

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Thank you for your interest. Check your email and spam folders for your application information. We'll be contacting you soon.

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