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Real-Life Issue: Identity of Unconditional Love

Masquerade is a raw look at our greatest needs and vulnerabilities—love, acceptance, and belonging.

  • Discover Your Authentic Self

  • Peer Pressure and Peer Power

  • Embracing the Perfectly Imperfect



Shattered_Class_Square copy web.jpg

Real-Life Issue: Redemption & Resiliency

How to heal a wounded spirit and stop the pain when you don't remember what it feels like to be okay.

  • Building Shatterproof Lives

  • The Power of Extreme Accountability

  • Healing the 7 Within



Limitless_He_Kissed_My_Scars_Square copy web.jpg

Real-Life Issue: Healing & Wholeness

Prevention and restoration for those who have been wounded, deceived, betrayed, or violated.

  • Navigate Life's Landmines

  • Find Inner Healing and Wholeness

  • Making Lemonade



Limitless_Choose_Your_Life_Rally_Square_web copy.jpg

Real-Life Issue: Toxic-Free Thinking

Freedom from mindsets, addictions, and choices that keep you from your unlimited potential.

  • Heart, Soul, Mind Connections

  • Taking Captive Your Thoughts

  • The Secrets to Happiness



Limitless_Find_Your_Superpowers_Square copy web.jpg

Real-Life Issue: The Power of You

Everything you need to live an extraordinary life is already in you! Find your superpowers and change the world.

  • Your Personalality Profile

  • The Power of Vision

  • Create a Personal Life-Map



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Real-Life Issue: Confidence & Humility


The final reveal celebrates each girl's accomplishments and includes her public declaration and presentation as a Defining Young Woman.

  • Includes total make-over camp

  • Photoshoot

  • Awards & Presentation ceremony

Q & A

When and where do classes meet?


The Nampa Campus meets on Thursday nights, 6-8 at: 1624 E Plaza Loop, Nampa, ID 83687

* host locations and online are coming soon. Subscribe to follow updates.

How much does it cost?


$150 per class/camp. 2-for-1 tuition for moms and daughters. This class is deeply discounted from $300 per unit per participant. 

Do any of the classes count toward the full Essence of Beauty program?


Yes, girls who complete the program and are accepted into the full Essence of Beauty Transformation Year receive an additional EOB scholarship of $500. 

Is EOB-LITE and EOB the same?


EOB-LITE is an overview of only one portion of the Transformation Year. Students who go on to take the full program go into greater depth of the core subjects along with Life, Bible, and Impact Ministries.

How long is the program?


EOB is a year-long program consisting of 2 camps, 5 six-week classes, 5 Valley Rallies, and a series of parenting courses addressing critical youth issues.

Can more than one daughter attend?


Of course. Each family dynamic is unique. Attending with more than one daughter might be the right fit for you, but you may want to go through the program with each daughter separately, at a specific age, for intentional mother-daughter bonding as a right to passage.


Is there a multi-family member discount?


Classes are 2 for 1 for mothers and daughters, but there is not a second daughter discount if attending simultaneously.

Are there additional costs?


Yes. Unfortunately, beauty if not cheap, but we'll help you with a multi-tier beauty budget. Each unit has basic curriculum supplies that we cover within tuition. Additional items include make-up and beauty supplies, wardrobe and fashion accessories, diet & nutrition, The Big Reveal wardrobe (may be borrowed), and a final portfolio photo shoot. As in everything, these can be as affordable or expensive as you choose. We'll provide our Favorite Things list in low, mid, and high ranges to help you shop.

How to EOB address woke culture and fashion trends?

We are anti-woke and teach classic beauty. We are absolutely against half-shaved blue hair and body art as personal expressions, but we also recognize that girls from every background will be joining us and many of them wear their stories as well as their scars as permanent reminders. We ask moms to love and embrace all the girls with open arms as we go through the process of inner healing and transformation. We're a knitting circle of mamas, and each of our encouragement and unconditional love is paramount in the creation of a safe environment for our girls to learn. 

With that said, we do share with the girls how to modify the current trends to remain relevant in their environment with modesty, and elegance to dress appropriately for a variety of situations.


Are your instructors certified in nutrition?

No, but we know a lot about it. It is not required, but we encourage all participants to be under their own doctor's supervision to address any medical issues or concerns.

Are there any additional field trips?


Yes. We try to schedule a little etiquette and adventure into each unit. This may include a formal tea party, a service day, or a shopping trip to the local thrift store. 

Who can is eligible?

Biological females between the ages of 12-18 and their biological female parent.


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