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Masquerade is a raw look at our greatest need and vulnerability—to be loved. Not just any love, but unconditionally loved and accepted. The kind of love fairytales are made of, that never fails, that brings out the good in us and overlooks our faults. Love that is never offended, is kind, encouraging, sacrificial, never envious; love that sees our soul and does not judge us.

Unconditional love, acceptance, and belonging are our greatest emotional needs but when it’s denied the pain is so deep we’ll do almost anything to avoid its rejection. The result is the human masquerade where we pretend to be what we think others want to see, hiding behind masks in hopes we’ll be deemed good enough to belong... good enough to be loved. In time, we don’t even know who we really are. When we do remove the mask it’s often in rage daring people to accept or reject us, only to discover it’s just another mask that leaves us philosophically satisfied but spiritually empty.


In this rally, you’ll learn to live unashamed and unmasked as you discover your true identity.



October 29, 7:00

Nampa, Idaho

Registration Now Open